Our brilliant Panda Tots class is especially adapted for youngsters aged 3 to 5 years

Are you looking for a fun activity class for your pre-schooler - one where they aren’t expected to sit still…? How about one where you can join in the activity WITH your child, spending some precious quality time together, and having probably just as much fun…?

Our brilliant, unique Panda Tots class is especially for youngsters aged 3 to 5 years', and is designed as a 'mum/dad-and-me' activity, with parents working (sorry, I mean playing!!) with their children, encouraging interaction and sharing lots of fun together.

With a martial arts theme, the physical activities will develop your child’s co-ordination and cognitive skills, whilst their efforts are rewarded with a weekly sticker for their special Panda Tots sticker book, that leads them to being awarded ‘Yellow Belt Panda Tot’ status ~ and onwards!
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Panda Tots Video

Take a peek here at some of the activities in a Panda Tots class....

Panda Tots Photos

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